What is Passages Canada?

One speaker’s story: Jason Lee

Please note Passages Canada is currently on creative hiatus indefinitely. Please contact passages@historicacanada.ca

Do you have a personal story to share about your immigration to Canada, your ancestors’ journey to Canada, your cultural identity or, perhaps, your community’s origins? We are looking for speakers from a range of ethno-cultural, religious and linguistic backgrounds to share stories of their heritage and identity with schools and community groups. We have an active roster of speakers across Canada, with over 900 volunteers from a variety of backgrounds and professions.

Who are our speakers?

Our speakers are comfortable public speakers, from a variety of professions and backgrounds, who are active in their communities and are looking to inspire and educate others.

Speakers will be contacted by Passages Canada to share their stories with schools and community groups in their local area. The amount of time a member dedicates to the program is determined on an individual basis but, on average, each person shares her/his story at one to four events per year.