Selena Spencer

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Histoire des Noirs/Patrimoine africain, Racisme/Discrimination, Identité et patrimoine, Multiculturalisme et diversité


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I am passionate about life & people & I'm aiming to have a positive impact on others as I share my experiences. I am also a mother of a beautiful thirteen year old girl. I am a graduate of York University and I completed my BA in Political Science. Outside of my day job as a Registration Assistant at York University, I am the Founder/CEO of Divine Purpose Community Services Inc. where I hold different events/seminars/workshops for youth, women, men & the families. I am a self motivated individual who is determined to succeed in reaching my goals. I am also the Executive Director of Church of God Deliverance Centre, and I am also the Sunday School Superintendent and one of the Sunday School teachers as well as the Praise & Worship leader for our church. I love people, music, singing and dancing and I am determined to live my best life now. I want my time here on earth to be dynamic and inspirational to others.



Twitter & Instagram: @divine_pupose3

Black Canadian Awards:


My parents migrated from Jamaica to Canada in the 70's. I was born in Canada but raised as a Jamaican in Canada. I experienced racial discrimination at an early stage of my life through the school system. One experience that I remember the most was when I won the opportunity to light the candle at one of the Winter Olympic ceremonies held in Toronto. When I arrived and they saw that I was black they denied me that right and let a white child light the torch that I was supposed to light. That experience unfortunately wasn't my last but it did open my eyes at that early age as to how unjust and hurtful people can be even to a child. My mother still remembers it to this day with great sadness. I use that experience among many others to fuel my success and determination to succeed in all aspects of my life. My faith has helped to keep me focused and driven not to allow that hurt to turn into anger or rage, but to turn it into generating positive change in myself and others through my words and actions.