Luz Lima-Upham

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Immigration, Identité et patrimoine, Adaptation à la vie au Canada


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I came to Canada as an International Student. I was born in a beautiful place in the southeast of Mexico called Tabasco and I finished a bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering at “Universidad Anahuac”. After some years looking for my professional path and motivations, I found myself feeling that a challenge was missing in my life. The challenge to study and live in a foreign country. Consequently, I started doing some research of different options and countries to move and pursue my need to step out of my comfort zone and improve myself. When choosing a place, I was also looking for a country that could offer stability, opportunities and quality of life and this is why I chose Canada. After choosing Canada, I also decided to study something that I enjoyed rather than to study to fulfill a credential requirement, so I did a drastic career change and finished a Bachelor of Arts. At the beginning this experience was really difficult, after all, coming to Canada meant to start from the scratch, no matter who I was or what I did in my home country, here I had to start from zero. Even though there were many moments of frustrations, Canada always made me feel that reaching success was possible, always showed me hope, generosity and respect. I learned that every decision and every struggle is intended to lead you to your mission in life and to discover all your potential and real self. The challenges and lessons of living in Canada made me discover myself and my real passion. Currently, I work in the immigration field which is my vocation and I love every moment of it. Yet, I always carry my culture and my country in my mind, my heart…and in my purse. The photo I share is the holy water bottle and the piece of cotton soaked in it that my mom always ask me to carry with me in my purse to be protected and to have God next to me in every step. Thank you.