Blanca A Benavides

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Blanca talks about the differences in food choices between her home country and Canada


Blanca Benavides is from Colombia and has lived in Canada for about 6 years.


The food, especially, I miss it too much. I miss the food here because the food here is really different. Everything; the vegetables, the meat, the chicken: very different from my culture.

Here the vegetables are really sweet. You’re going to make us some soup, the soup for me is sweet. You’re going to make us some rice, you have a lot different rice.

The rice is really different. You have different kinds. The fish is very different. I remember my daughter saying, “Oh mommy I cannot eat fish.” But the fish when she eats it in my country it is deep fried, very toasty, and when she put in the mouth she crunch but when I [give] the fish she says “It’s not a fish. No, mommy, are you crazy? This is not a fish.” I said, “Yes this is a fish.” My daughter eats a little bit but my son eats everything. I have [a] happy life with my two babies.

It’s difficult in Regina to find some [Latin] restaurants. When I came here in Regina (because I arrived first [in] Toronto, I lived in Toronto almost 6 months) I looked for the restaurants but they don’t have [them]. The restaurants you have are maybe snacks for small countries but there’s no [large menu].

The grocery store is the same. Have a little stuff for my country but really expensive.