Heba Allah Alhajj Diab

Pays d'origine:

Syrienne, République Arabe




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In fact nothing can describe my country,but I found this photo represents Syria .

The darkness in this photo depicts the ugly war, murder, killing and destruction.

It tells Syrians story of what happened during the 6 years (shelling,blood,missing families,orphans , devastating of schools , residential neighborhood and many more ...) .

I was so afraid constantly crying because of this horrible war .

I lost some of my friends, my neighbors, I can't forget that time when they were bleeding in front of me and I remember how I was not able to do anything to help them .

My life was realy dark as the darkness in this photo.The light represents my new life in Canada. How I was able to change my life for the better and be able to live a happy life, I could say it's such a happy life how I made my dream to complete my study possible again, how I am strong enough now!.

In this this light I see hope for a free Syria, without war but prevailing peace. That's not just my hope but that's other children hope also.

Even in the darkness there is Hope. :)