Adnan Shahbaz

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Citoyenneté, Racisme/Discrimination, Droits de la personne et justice sociale, Identité et patrimoine, Multiculturalisme et diversité


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"Adnan Shahbaz is a young man is filled with a sense of purpose and the ability to articulate his thoughts with clarity and a quick wit."

-Nolan Machan Oakville News

Adnan Shahbaz currently lives in Oakville with his wife, son and mother. He is an educator with a local public school board currently working as a Vice Principal in a large middle school. Adnan has a BA in History, a B.Ed in PJ education, Specialists in Math education and Special Education and is currently completing his M.Ed in the Social and Cultural Context of Education. He was born in Toronto and has called Canada his home. He has spent many years in Pakistan as his father tried unsuccessfully to resettle the family there. Adnan is very involved in his local community and an active advocate for all marginalized peoples. Through his political, educational and advocacy work, Adnan has made positive impacts in his community.


I was born in 1980, initially calling a two bedroom apartment in the Jane and Finch neighbourhood home. We went from this small apartment to a townhouse in Rexdale (North Etobicoke). My parents came to Canada from Pakistan in 1973 and then my grandparents came over in the 1990’s through the government’s family reunification program.

My parents both worked in factories for many years. My mom was a retail clerk as she completed High School at nights. My mom, for most of my life, raised me as a single mother as my father and her divorced early in my life. Her strength and example have provided me with a blueprint on how to approach all situations with poise, passion and humility. My upbringing provides me with a first person account of what it means to be part of an immigrant family. What it means to grow up in 'urban-inner-city' environments and what it means to live in the 'grey area' - the space between Canadian - immigrant.