Tahoora Alimohammadi

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Immigration, Identité et patrimoine, Multiculturalisme et diversité, Adaptation à la vie au Canada


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My name is Tahoora Alimohammadi. I was born in Shiraz, Iran. We came to Canada May 2, 2011 and we landed in Charlottetown, PEI. We live there now. I’m a really quiet and organized girl moreover, I have lots of sense of humor and I'm really sociable and always smiling. I graduated from high school in 2005, after that I went to university and studied Architecture for 4 years and got my BA in architecture in 2011. My favorite part of architecture is Interior Design because it is kind of like psychology in that you must know your clients to design something for them. When I was a student at university I worked simultaneously for 2 companies, and I was an architect for both of them. I did lots of thing in different fields such as architect, English and painting teacher in kindergarten, English tutor. I like to be helpful for my society and all the people. My favorite hobbies are watching movies, studying English, listen to music and dancing. I like to participate in every aspect and every field and I like to experience everything. I immigrated here with my family: my mother, my father, my sister. My father is an Architect too but he has 23 years of experience in every aspect of architecture and structural things. My mom is a psychologist and she was a manager of an insurance company and a teacher in Iran. My sister studied 2 years of chemistry in Iran but she had to leave it because we came to Canada. Now she studies Biology at UPEI. I love my family and I'd rather spend my time with them. I want to apply for a Masters program in Architecture to continue my studies. I want to be a successful person in every aspect and to make my family proud. I hope that I can achieve my dreams.


It was always discussion between me and my father because I didn't want to come to Canada but my father made that decision and I had to respect him. After all, I accepted to come. When we arrived in Canada we were so tired because we traveled for about 30 hours. We went to the hotel and we got a room, and it was the worst room that we'd ever had. It was just a room with two bedrooms. We slept and when I woke up in the morning, I missed everyone. I was so sad. The officers in the Toronto airport gave us the book about what should we do when we arrived in Charlottetown, my dad read that and we went to Service Canada. We didn't know that where it was, so we asked someone and finally we found it. We got our SIN numbers and after that we went to the PEI Newcomers Association. After one week, we met an Iranian family who wanted to move to another city. They offered to talk to the landlord of their house so we could rent it for 1 month. The landlord was Mary, a Canadian woman. She rented her house to us for 25 days. She is a lovely, nice woman and from that day until now, she helps us a lot. She even helped us with our resumes. After 20 days, we were looking for another house to rent. We saw lots of houses; some of them were so little, some of them were so stinky, some of them were so expensive and so many other problems but finally we found an apartment that it was renovated recently. We went there and settled in there, after a while we got tired of being there because it was too cold. All of us went to English classes. Meanwhile, I applied for some jobs. After 2 weeks, someone called me and asked me for an interview. I went there and she asked me lots of questions. After 2 days she called me and told me that I got the job. I was a cashier and sales representative in their store. At first I was so happy because it was about a month that we were in Canada and the other Iranian family we met was still looking for jobs after a year. I went to the store and they trained me for about 2 days. After 2 weeks, I got so disappointed and sad because I didn't like my job. One day Mary came to the store and told me that I should find a better job because I had skills. After that day, I tried so hard to find another job and I applied at so many places. Meanwhile, my aunt called us and said that my cousin died. We were so sad and we went to Iran for one month. Because I was going to be away for a while, I could not keep my job. We went to Iran and I was so worried about finding another job. I searched a lot through the job bank website and I applied for some of the jobs that were posted there. One of them was a daycare. The month in Iran passed very fast and we came to Canada again. The day after we arrived, someone called me and asked me for an interview at a daycare I applied at. I went to the interview and after a week they called me and told me that they were checking my references. I was worried but excited. A few days later, they called me and offered me a position. I also applied to be an interpreter and volunteer ESL tutor for PEI newcomers and they accepted me. Now I`m working in a daycare, doing interpreting and volunteer ESL tutor. My dad found a better house that we live in now. I like my positions but I`d rather to have a better job in my field or in a big companies. I hope that I can achieve my dreams. At first I was so sad about coming to Canada but now I`m happy because I believe that I can achieve my dreams more easily than in my country. The main problem of being here is just missing everyone.