Marijke Henkemans

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Citoyenneté, Immigration, Adaptation à la vie au Canada


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I am an RN and received my basic nursing education in The Netherlands, since then I have taken a lot of additional nursing and management courses.

Currently I am employed as the Manager for Infection Prevention and Control for the Interior Health Authority, with an office in Kelowna, but my job allows me to travel through many parts of the beautiful Province of British Columbia.


I grew up in The Netherlands, as a child of parents who survived German occupation during World War II. Although I never experienced war myself, the experiences of my parents did have an impact on me. In addition growing up in Western Europe during the cold war did have an impact on how I experienced the world as a not always safe place to live in.

While growing up and during my early adult life I traveled extensively and for example experienced Russia before the end of communism. I also spend 5 months in Israel and was exposed to the many difficulties experienced by people living in that region.

In 1992 I immigrated to Kelowna, which is the sister city of the town I grew up in while living there I had the privilege of meeting many war veterans, as they visited my home town. They were crucial in my decision to come to Canada.

I believe I am very lucky to be living here as Canada is an incredible place to live in.