Lakhvinder Jhaj

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Lakhvinder came to Canada with her family after her older brother sponsored them to come. She became involved in multicultural societies, supporting diversity and understanding of different cultures.


My name is Lakhvinder Jhaj. I live in Penticton, British Columbia. I came to Canada in 1976. I immigrated with my family – two brothers, a sister, and mom and dad. The reason we came to Canada was that my oldest brother, who was married in Canada to a girl here, sponsored us so all our family could be together.

I was very young when I came from India, so I went to school here. And then I got married in ’85, and first we came to Mission in 1986 and we moved around in that area in the lower mainland. After our marriage we moved to Penticton, and that’s where we’ve been for the last eighteen and a half years.

I have been involved in the multicultural society for many years. I was the President of the Penticton and District Multicultural Society for almost two years. I did a lot of work in diversity, trying to bring the two cultures together - the mainstream and the Indo Canadian cultures together, so that they can understand where each is coming from.

I facilitated two forums: one through the Ministry of Family and Children, and one through the Multicultural Society called ‘Clash of Culture’, which was information sessions for IndoCanadian families about what the children were going through in two different cultures. Going to school and facing the everyday challenges. Being able to blend into the Canadian culture, and then coming home and explain that culture to your parents. Some of the parents can’t understand that.