Majid Kazmi

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Immigration, Multiculturalisme et diversité, Adaptation à la vie au Canada


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Majid speaks with the CBC about his work helping other immigrants settling into Canada and getting new jobs. During the interview Majid speaks about how he felt when he arrived in Toronto, and the difference networking made in his job search.

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Majid Kazmi is an author, social entrepreneur, banking professional, and board member based in Toronto, Canada. He is the Founder & CEO of Valu Ventures Inc (, a unique social enterprise that helps immigrants start and grow their businesses in Canada. Majid serves on the boards of Toronto Workforce Innovation Group ( and H2O 4 ALL ( He also co-chairs the CIBC International Professionals Network (IPN) and is an ambassador for United Way of Toronto & York Region (UWTY). Majid has been featured on mainstream television and radio as an immigrant success story and an accomplished mentor. He is regarded as a leading authority on diversity and inclusion, and immigrant entrepreneurship in Canada. His blogs cover a wide range of topics from business and innovation to personal growth and career success. Majid holds an MBA from IBA Karachi.


Majid was born in Karachi, Pakistan. His father worked for the country’s flagship shipping corporation while his mother was a homemaker. It was his parents’ relentless pursuit to instill a sense of unwavering integrity and honesty in their children that weaved the fabric of his character. Lying or stealing were unheard of in the family and seemed like imaginary concepts to Majid and his siblings as children. Also ingrained in their character was a fervour for acquiring the best of educations and working hard in pursuit of life goals. Such was his commitment to education and personal development that he would spend most of the day studying even with no electricity in the scorching summers of Karachi. He went to one of the best business schools in South Asia to pursue his MBA and worked at some of the best organizations in the region. He was also fortunate to have wonderful mentors providing him a constant supply of advice and encouragement. When he resigned from American Express (now JS Bank Pakistan) to proceed to Canada with his family, he was the youngest senior VP and one of the most successful department heads. As Majid embarked on a new journey to make a difference in a new country, his parents’ resounding message echoed in his heart: “Dream big, start small, act now.”