Harnoor Gill

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Citoyenneté, Immigration, Patrimoine asiatique, Droits de la personne et justice sociale, Identité et patrimoine, Adaptation à la vie au Canada


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Harnoor Gill started volunteering along with his family at very young age. He began selling chocolates and cookies in his neighbourhood in Hong Kong to support a local charity. Harnoor’s self-driven mission is not simply about helping newcomer youth but he is also determined to start spreading awareness about youth volunteering through his youth led group, the Peace Welcome Club. By initiating community wide projects, Harnoor has completed his goal of creating youth who have a passion for community engagement. He strives to treat his fellow peers in an encouraging manner as well as helping the society at a large.

The young trailblazer, Harnoor has long-term plans to also engage with more of the global youth. Youth Ambassadors from Hong Kong, Qatar, India and Canada who are apart of his youth group are helping to get the message across. Harnoor is passionate about protecting the environment and engaging youth in community involvement and his many accolades acclaim to support that. He promotes the idea of family volunteering which is why the age group to join the Peace Welcome Club is 4-18.

As a Grade 11 high school student, Harnoor loves to learn about different cultures and understand new concepts. He opens his horizons and wants to bridge the gap between the poor and the rich. The teenager has made his journey evident with his articles, presentations, public speaking at schools, and local community events. Without any external financial support, Harnoor has surpassed the goal of engaging youth in community involvement and has set himself up as an amazing role model. Harnoor’s contributions to the community through his ongoing projects are an inspiration to many.

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My experiences with volunteering started at a much younger age than most individuals. I first got into volunteering at 4 years old and with the support of my family, I got to help out for a cause in which I was interested. Due to the recent natural disasters, I was helping to sell cookies on behalf of donating the funds to the local relief effort in Hong Kong at the time. My parents helped me to realize that volunteering not only benefits others, but it also benefits myself in becoming a better person. By giving back to a community, a person receives gratitude and respect from others in doing so. But, volunteering is something we must all do because of how it creates better and safer communities as a whole.

When I first moved to Canada in 2002, I was quite shocked at the weather at first but also at the kindness that I saw from people in this country. Even when I first started Junior Kindergarten, I noticed my peers were always helpful and the teachers were always enthusiastic about the classroom. As an immigrant, I can personally say the transition to Canada for me was definitely a positive one and perhaps the best decision my parents ever made in their lives as well. As I have grown older, I realized it was time to continue the sporadic volunteering I was a part of back when I lived in Hong Kong.

In the summer of Grade 6, I went out of my way to explore the opportunities that parks and conservation areas offered for environmental stewardship as I had and still have a fond interest in the protection of the Earth. By visiting these places, I made connections and was inspired to volunteer among the high school students who were greenscaping the area. I loved being able to interact with other youth with the same mindset of protecting the environment and learning new things about the importance of stewardship. This act of volunteering soon inspired the youth movement that I have started today, which is designed for youth to explore volunteer opportunities around them and get to know them a lot better.

According to my vision, I came up with the idea of starting a youth group on February 29th of 2012. The Peace Welcome Club (PWC) has been my success in encouraging other youth to get out and volunteer as well as implement immigrant services designed for youth. As I grew up being an immigrant wasn’t too difficult as my parents looked after most of the things I needed, but when I started to volunteer, it was definitely really hard to find opportunities. I grew up in a time where resources for immigrant youth were extremely minimal and this inspired me to foster a youth group designed to encourage youth to volunteer.

As of today, this youth group has been quite active as a community hub and I have received numerous awards and noble titles for the work it has done. I am proud to say the Peace Welcome Club is the reason I am who I am today; a hardworking and confident individual.