Danielle Augustus

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Citoyenneté, Immigration, Histoire des Noirs/Patrimoine africain, Racisme/Discrimination, Droits de la personne et justice sociale, Identité et patrimoine, Multiculturalisme et diversité, Adaptation à la vie au Canada


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I started attending Notre Dame C.S.S approximately three years ago and I personally believe that attending that school helped me become the person I am today. It had helped me become accustomed to the multicultural atmosphere that was different from the country that I migrated from.


I would be telling a lie if I stated that my move to Canada was an easy thing to do. I was coming to live with a mother and a stepfather that I could not have remember and a place that was so different from the culture that I lived most of my life in. Looking back I remember the 14 year old person that i used to be: sometimes struck by gruesome homesickness that made me incapable of any type of productivity. I use to cry myself to sleep, then would sink into dreams of Grenada only to wake up crying to an unknown world. There was countless times that I wanted to jump on any plane that would have taken me anywhere but here, however I learned to cope which eventually led me to love this magnificent place that I now call my home.