Julia Katsivo

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Histoire des Noirs/Patrimoine africain, Identité et patrimoine, Multiculturalisme et diversité, Adaptation à la vie au Canada


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Creative, courageous and honest, Julia Katsivo's motivational keynote speeches are inspirational, informative and entertaining. Tailored topics sprinkled with personal stories and combined with exceptional and creative communication skills motivate disengaged employees and professionals in transition. As part of your communications planning efforts, Julia Katsivo brings home your key message. Julia Katsivo's educational background is in the Arts from the University of Western Ontario, York University and University of Toronto, with 17 years working experience in communications, conflict-resolution, market research, B2B and B2C sales and collections for some of North America's largest private organizations and the Canadian federal government. In all capacities including an extensive volunteer history with social programs, Julia Katsivo has actively motivated internal and external clients to adopt self-management tools for greater life engagement and productivity. Julia Katsivo is an active member of the honoured Toastmasters International organization in which she holds leadership positions. She is also a member of the Public Speakers Association, Toronto Chapter. Julia Katsivo has spoken in front of speakers’ clubs, business associations, community events, personal and professional development conferences, youth panels and private audiences.


I moved to Canada 18 years ago, full of ambitions and dreams of a great future. But what I first had to learn was how to navigate an environment as foreign as snow was to a native from the tropics. A journey filled with steep curves, deep valleys and sky high mountains, I funnel life experience with my gift of stage presence and strong communication skills to help others see clearly where the road can sometimes get foggy, and one may lose sight of him/herself trying to make a home in a new place.