Sue Zhou

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Adaptation à la vie au Canada


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Hi, my name Sue Zhou. I am come from China. I am live in Vancouver now.

Uh my story is only tell about a person, a nice person. His name is David, he is Canadian, he was born in Canada but he can speak a little bit of Chinese. He tries his best to help other peoples. When I come to Canada I feel really scared because I didn’t know how to find a job. After a few months, my friend tell David about me, and David say, don’t worry, I think I will find a job for her. A week goes, David tell my friend that he has a job for me and tell me to go to his company for an interview. I was really happy but on other hand I feel the nervous.

When I went to his company, he knew I was nervous, he say “Don’t worry, I have told the boss about you. The boss just wants to talk to you.” Finally, I got a job with David’s help and then when I make some mistakes while working, he always helps me to fix them.

He makes me feel comfortable. And then I was confident to live in Canada. Thank you.