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Citoyenneté, Immigration, Patrimoine asiatique, Identité et patrimoine, Multiculturalisme et diversité, Adaptation à la vie au Canada


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Rosanna is a serial entrepreneur with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Degree from Far Eastern University in Manila, Philippines. She had worked and lived in the Middle East and Europe before immigrating to Canada in 1996. Rosanna came to Canada alone, blended well with her new environment, and found her way by making new friends, hence created her own "new family". In her 20 years in Canada, she has grown her network and has served families with small children and the elderly. Today, Rosanna is the founder of the Boomerpreneurs Network, Golden Years Expo and the annual celebration of women, 40 over Forty, to honor and appreciate 40 women for their positive contribution to the community.

Rosanna mentors college students through an internship program for Business Marketing and Event Management. She empowers and supports new business owners by using the program she developed, called Shifting to Thrive 365 Days, events, and networking.

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Hi, my name is Rosanna Penilla-Bharucha. I was born in Manila, Philippines. I grew up in a city where almost every member of the family works. I have 6 siblings who now live in different parts of the world, and parents who are spending their golden years back home.

Growing up, I saw how my parents struggled to make ends meet, but slowly my parents ventured into a home business where all of us, as young as 4 years old, helped to make things work. I used to watch English movies as a child, and it became a dream for me to go abroad for a better life.

In 1981, an opportunity to work in Dubai, United Arab Emirates came just after I had completed my studies of Bachelor of Science in Marketing. I knew at the time that the key to a better job opportunity was to learn another language, so I took a language course where I was currently employed. I learned to read, write, and speak Japanese, Spanish, Arabic, and of course, English.

I spent 15 years working in the healthcare field in the Middle East and Germany. In 1995, I was looking for a new challenge and for a new environment to live and to start a family. I consulted with an immigration consultant for Canada, and by March 1996 I became a landed immigrant.

My first days were spent helping myself navigate around my neighborhood in Brampton until I found a church who became my “first” family in Canada.

By my third month in Canada, I started a service for newly landed immigrants as my small business. I did homework, research, reading, and sought guidance from others. I was very impressed and appreciative of the people who had guided me in my early days as an immigrant, and since then I have been paying it forward.