Christopher Duff

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Citoyenneté, Histoire des Noirs/Patrimoine africain, Droits de la personne et justice sociale, Identité et patrimoine


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Christopher Duff is a speaker, youth advocate and trailblazer fiercely committed to solving some of the world’s most challenging and complex social problems. He is motivated by a mission to transform the social sector. Challenging them to refocus on their why and shatter the institutional thinking that places the number of people over the needs of people. His vision is to create a world where people are the focus. A world where schools are about people, work is about people and governments are for the people. He believes in the potential of people. He often says “too many of us live like payphones, when we’re really built like smartphones. We are capable of doing so much more, but we’ve been conditioned to think otherwise”.

Chris currently sits on several boards and is advisor to several community organizations. He attended York University for Business Management.

In 2013, Chris founded a training and development firm called Inspired Initiatives Inc. His firm works to unleash the creative and innovative power of communities and organizations to solve some of the world’s most challenging and pressing issues. He also works with young people globally through his Young Innovators Project, that empowers youth with the tools they need to build social projects and enterprises that allow them to be change agents in their communities.

Through Inspired Initiatives, Chris now works with academic institutions, charities, municipalities, governments, corporations, NGOs and faith-based institutions to use innovation as a tool to build stronger and more resilient communities.