Amie Peacock

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Citoyenneté, Racisme/Discrimination, Droits de la personne et justice sociale, Identité et patrimoine, Multiculturalisme et diversité, Adaptation à la vie au Canada


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An extraordinary life is worth pursuing

Amie Peacock is a visionary and founder of Beyond the Conversation. As a weaver of community for twenty years, Amie devoted her life serving the population who are experiencing isolation and mental health stigma. The majority of groups we currently helping are: Seniors, new immigrants, refugees, youth and the First Nations. In her role as an integrator, a weaver, and creator of something outside of the box, Amie is driven to help people integrate well into their community. Her authenticity helped to change stories from struggle to triumph.


The weirdest thing about my life, though, I spent 18 years in the Philippines where I was born. I never felt I belong there! Soon after my arrival in Vancouver in May of 1991, I never felt connected and belonged. Why did I feel this way? I can't really explain it in an amicable way, except, that when I saw the backdrop of the North Shore mountain the restlessness I felt before had mented away. Coming from a huge family has prepared me to a new life in Canada. I didn't feel as lost and homesick as others would described their experienced after arriving in Canada. Perhaps, because my sister had already made lots of friends that later on adopted me into their circles. But it took me five years to fully surrender and commit to living fully and actively for Canada. I learned that to integrate well, I must make the past my teacher, embrace and being curios to what the future holds for me. After surrendering and committing- I experienced freedom from within. Canada is my home I never would have discovered if it wasn't the courage of my older sister who at the young age felt the burden of poverty and lack of opportunities to express our gifts and talents. I am debted to her for inviting me to join in her journey and for Canada for giving me an immeasurable platforms to honed my gift of connecting people and a desire to inspire and encourage others to belong and become involve in their new society.