Atefeh Tabesh

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When I moved to Canada, I found myself so isolated, I had a hard time forming a relationship with any one outside my own community. My first two years were the worst. It took me longer than usual to start to realize that this is my new home and I have no other choice so I better like it and learn it.

Moving to Nova Scotia was the best move for me. It is easier to make friends, people are lovely. I started to work with my husband in our family owned coffee shop. As a young girl I had a dream of going to university but never had a chance, so I decided to start my education. But it happend that I was pregnant with my first child. After having 3 kids, I thought maybe it's time for me to get some education. When my youngest started primary I finally got in to school and we started this journey together. I enjoyed it so much although I am still a student, and I am finishing online due to my other responsibilities in life but I love it. It's never too late. We can achieve whatever we like here in Canada