Elvira Sanchez de Malicki

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Elvira describes the life she had as a child in Ecuador, and how it brought her to Canada. She also describes the opportunities Canada has given her in a variety of organizations.

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Elvira Sanchez de Malicki immigrated to Canada from Ecuador as a young student.

She is now the Business Administrator of the Malicki & Malicki Law firm in Mississauga, Ontario.She is a recipient of the Citation for Citizenship, an award that recognizes volunteer work in support of the values of freedom, justice, equality and respect for diversity.


Elvira Sanchez de Malicki a immigré au Canada d'Équateur comme jeune étudiante.

Elle exerce maintenant les fonctions d'administratrice des affaires du cabinet d'avocats Malicki & Malicki, établi à Mississauga, en Ontario.

Elle est titulaire du Certificat du mérite civique, attestation qui reconnaît l'intervention bénévole en faveur des valeurs de liberté, de justice, d'égalité et de respect de la diversité.


A tropical child or a child of the tropics I was born in luxuriant Guayaquil. My infancy was spent amongst lush cocoa trees where rich chocolate, "the drink of the gods" comes from; surrounded by elegant and ever bountiful banana trees, the reason why Ecuador is also known as the "land of the green gold". Glorious beaches, warm frothy surf were the playgrounds of my youth.

At 10 I was sent to a small Indian village in the mountains

to study and board with French nuns

"The South American Andes, high majestic mountains

a necklace of volcanoes in the middle of the earth,

where nothing ever changes.......But,

There must be more to life!

And anxiety tears her heart. The mountains engulf her,

the land she was born in would rather devour her

than lose her to a wanderlust whim....

These evocative words and the soulful sound of a lonely flute is what one hears as the mist lifts on the stage mountains of "Becoming" the theatrical ballet that reflects the process of adjusting to a life in a new land which I wrote, directed and produced in 1980.

My parents understood my wanderlust and passion for life and allowed me in 1966, at the tender age of 14, to come to Canada to learn new languages and about the world.

My love affair with this country started one brilliant September afternoon as my plane slowed down in preparation for landing and I saw the most spectacular and huge bouquets emanating from the ground all over the place. My first sight of "fall", rich gloriously colourful Canadian "Fall".

More than a love affair with Canada it has been a most spectacular ride. Knowing that if I wanted to accomplish anything I had to do it myself and thanks to the unwavering support of my incredible family, husband and 4 children I have not only managed my own business and my husband's Law practice but I have been able to perform, write, produce and direct theatre and television. I have founded organizations such as the Canadian Hispanic Congress. I have worked with mainstream as well as Ethnocultural organizations such as Harbourfront Centre and the Canadian Ethnocultural Council. I have served and continue to serve in various provincial and national Councils and Boards including Telefilm Canada. My work has been generously recognized by numerous awards. I could not have accomplished what I have had I not worked extra extra hard, assumed leadership and taken risks. Sure, there have been difficult moments. But it has been worth it. I am convinced that the more you give the more you receive. There is no greater joy than the joy of giving, of seeing things come to fruition. Canada has been a most generous and fertile ground for this tropical child, a child of the tropics.............and the love affair continues, strong, powerful and wild and there is still so much to do and that can be done.…