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Newcomer women on path to citizenship mark International Women’s Day with unique encounter

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Vinita Kinra in AWO Mississauga 2 S

Newcomer women navigating the challenges of isolation and learning English find companionship and support among other women at the Afghan Women’s Organization in Mississauga. These West Asian, predominantly Muslim women are on the path to Canadian citizenship, learning everything from recycling to how government works.

Vinita Kinra in AWO Mississauga S

On Friday, February 28, to kick-start International Women’s Week, this group of 30 newcomer women will hear Indo-Canadian author and Passages Canada speaker Vinita Kinra share her experience of “becoming” a Canadian. Born in Milton, Ontario, Kinra was raised in India. Moving back to Canada as an adult, she also had to adopt a new way of life.  A successful short story writer, Kinra will also read from her work that tackles women’s issues in Afghanistan, hoping to inspire dialogue among these newcomer women.

Vinita Kinra in AWO Mississauga 3 S

Where: Afghan Women’s Organization, 3050 Confederation Parkway, Mississauga, ON

When: Friday February 28th, 12:30 –1:45 PM

A storytelling initiative of Historica Canada, Passages Canada volunteers share their personal accounts of cultural identity and heritage on-line in our multimedia Story Archive and in person with schools and community groups. Since 2002, over 1,000 speakers have created dialogue on Canada’s rich diversity with over 250,000 youth and adults. Passages Canada is generously supported by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and TD Bank Group.

For the past 24 years, the Afghan Women’s Organization has been committed to providing settlement services to newcomers with a special focus on women and those who have experienced wars and persecution.

For more information:

Calina Ellwand, Program Coordinator
t. 1.866.701.1867 ext 392
cellwand [at] HistoricaCanada .ca