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Passages Canada to launch videos exploring diversity

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On Thursday, September 26, Passages Canada will be joined by high school students, community members and distinguished guests, including the Honourable Minister of Education Clyde Jackman, to explore the stories that make Canada distinct with the launch of our beCOMING Canada video series at The Rooms theatre in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador.

The latest educational tool from Passages Canada, beCOMING Canada, explores the gamut of the Canadian experience from growing up among Newfoundland’s rich traditions, to refugees escaping hardship to build a new life in Toronto. In 23 bilingual interviews, Passages Canada speakers explore what it means to be Canadian, in all its complexity.

Students will hear from human rights advocate and Passages Canada Youth Ambassador, Remzi Cej, who escaped the war in Kosovo with his family in 1999, Tanzanian-Canadian Azim Lila who immigrated to Toronto at the age of nine thinking the city would just be “land and space”; and young Newfoundlander, Jessica Walsh, who will share her thoughts on cultural identity. Students will be invited to share their own families’ stories of heritage and identity.

What:    Passages Canada launches beCOMING Canada, a series of videos of immigration and heritage stories

Who:     Historica Canada, students from Holy Heart High School and St. Bonaventure’s, Minister of Education Clyde Jackman, Passages Canada speakers, community leaders, friends and supporters.

Where:  Thursday, September 26, 1:30 pm to 2:55 pm, The Rooms Theatre, 9 Bonaventure Avenue, St. John’s, NL

A storytelling initiative of Historica Canada, Passages Canada volunteers share their personal accounts of cultural identity and heritage on-line in our multimedia Story Archive and in person with schools and community groups. Since 2002, over 900 speakers have created dialogue on Canada’s rich diversity with over 250,000 youth and adults, as we continue to build understanding and respect for Canada’s shared history and values. Passages Canada is generously supported by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and TD Bank Group.


For more information:

Calina Ellwand, Program Coordinator
t. 1.866.701.1867 ext 392
cellwand [at] HistoricaCanada .ca