Amira Elghawaby

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Citizenship, Immigration, Racism/Discrimination, Human Rights & Social Justice, Identity & Heritage, Multiculturalism & Diversity


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Amira Elghawaby has written and produced stories for CBC Radio, the Ottawa Citizen, the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail. In 2016, she led a project with New Canadian Media creating Canada’s first Ethnic Media and Diversity Style Guide. She is the former director of communications at the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM). Amira obtained an honours degree in Journalism and Law from Carleton University in 2001.


I grew up in Canada and have always appreciated the diversity and openness I've experienced here. Though, I must admit, when I was younger, it wasn't easy being "different" from other children.

But as I grew older, and more comfortable expressing my identity, I found a lot of support from friends and acquaintances of all backgrounds.

I know from anecdotal evidence that early waves of immigrants sought simply to 'fit in', sometimes even changing their names. But for me, I found that my family's background complemented my identity as a Canadian. It also gave me a fuller appreciation of other cultures and beliefs.

I am grateful to live in a country where diversity is welcomed and celebrated. Canada is a country which provides me with opportunities to be an active and caring citizen, open to others, and committed to social justice, fairness and human rights for all.