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Topic Primers and Resources

Topic Primers and Resources


Enhance your students’ knowledge and appreciation of the Black Canadian experience, drawing from Lawrence Hill’s award-winning historical fiction, The Book of Negroes. Download your FREE copy of the Black History in Canada Education Guide.


Black History in Canada: Enhance your presentation with historical facts and figures related to Black history in Canada.

Asian History in Canada: Enhance your presentation with historical facts and figures related to Asian history in Canada.

Canada’s Immigration Policies: Facts from the Historica Canada timeline of Canadian immigration policy.




One speaker’s story: Jason Lee: This 90-second animated video tells Passages Canada speaker Jason Lee’s story of immigration and identity.


What is Passages Canada? This 2-minute video gives an overview of the Passages Canada program by following one speaker on her visit to King Edward School.

Visit Checklist for Speakers

Visit Checklist for Speakers

Ensure that the organizer of the visit has provided you with the following information:

  •  themes to be discussed,
  •  audience’s current understanding of the themes,
  •  audience’s language level,
  •  expected learning outcomes of the visit,
  •  format of visit (length of visit, question period, etc),
  •  your arrival time,
  •  parking or transit information,
  •  where to check in upon arrival (many schools will ask you to check in at the main office); and,
  •  if you are using any technology, check that the venue has the necessary technical capabilities.

Tips for a Successful Visit:  

  • Respond to emails from organizers and Passages Canada staff promptly to avoid delays.
  • Please provide at least 2 business days’ notice to both the organizer and Passages Canada if you must cancel or postpone your visit.
  • Consider the personal stories you will share to make your presentation more relatable. What moments and emotions will you express? Practice telling your stories out loud.
  • Consider bringing in personal artefacts to share during your presentation such as photos, maps, citizenship documents, traditional items, etc.

Story ideas related to immigration:

  • The day you left for Canada
  • The journey to Canada
  • The moment you arrived in Canada
  • Your citizenship ceremony
  • The first day of school or work in Canada

Story ideas related to your heritage and identity:

  • The story of your name
  • Your family’s roots
  • A custom or tradition that you practice
  • Encountering racism or discrimination

Virtual Visit Checklist

Virtual Visit Checklist

Virtual Visit checklist

Review this tip-sheet to ensure your virtual visit (via Skype or other video-conferencing technology) goes smoothly.

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