Muhammad Zeeshan Adhi

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Citizenship, Immigration, Racism/Discrimination, Human Rights & Social Justice, Multiculturalism & Diversity, Adjusting to Life in Canada


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Muhammad Zeeshan Adhi is a lawyer and business consultant working in Toronto. Before immigrating to Canada, he lived in USA, UK, and his native Pakistan. He is a passionate public speaker and a prolific writer.

Zeeshan's story is that of an immigrant who has successfully integrated himself in the Canadian job market. He has re-qualified both as a lawyer and as a finance professional. He has also established his own company in Ontario and works with small businesses.

Zeeshan is very interested in diversity and inclusion within a Canadian context. He regularly mentors new immigrants to Canada, particularly in the fields of law and finance. He also works with new immigrants interested in setting up their own business.

Zeeshan is very grateful for having an opportunity to live in a place like Canada. He has the spirit of giving back to the community and regularly volunteers his time. For example, every year he helps low-income Canadians file their taxes through a volunteer program organized by Canada Revenue Agency.

Zeeshan is passionate about human rights, refugee rights, and immigrant rights. He looks forward to becoming a leading authority on diversity and inclusion in Canada.


My experience of immigrating, adapting, settling, and flourishing in Canada has been full of hiccups. However, it has been a experience which I cherish and am proud of.

I came to Canada in search of better opportunities and a safe environment. It was a difficult move but totally worth it. There are two aspects of moving to Canada which were most difficult for me:

First, the weather. I was certainly not used to winters and was flabbergasted during my first winter. I even fell in the snow. Thankfully, I have adjusted to the weather now.

Secondly, finding a job commensurate with my experience. I came with very diverse experience to Canada and finding suitable employment has been a challenge. Like every new immigrant, I have worked in positions for which I am over qualified, just to make ends meet. And I am totally proud of it !

As time passed and I developed networks and connections in Canada, I was able to find short-term assignments related to my field of study / experience.

As such, Canada has provided me an immense opportunity to work in a range of roles as well as set up my own business. I do not think there is any other country in the world which provides so much opportunity to immigrants.

The beauty of Canada is that within a few years a new immigrant gets assimilated in the society and considers himself/herself "Canadian". I am no exception. For example, I have switched from Starbucks to Tim Horton's, and I have started learning French language.

I think my diverse personal experience, as well as my work with other immigrants, has helped me develop a nuanced perspective of immigration and settlement in Canada. I look forward to working with newcomers to Canada as well as various organizations who are working towards making Canada a more diverse and accepting country.