Fogah Amegah

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Fogah had a difficult time settling into Canadian life at first. It took some time, but he now calls Canada his home.


My name is Fogah Amegah, and I’m from… I will say West Africa, because originally my parents are Togolese, and my father is from Accra, and I was born in Ghana, so I call myself a West African. Currently I am a Canadian.

I came to Canada in 1991. Life at the beginning wasn’t that easy, but in time I got the hang of things, even though some days at the beginning I didn’t like or understand how the system works here. But after all these years, I have learned to understand the system. Therefore, even though for the past six or so months I have not been working, I don’t feel the difference that much because I am a perseverer.

I tried doing my own thing alongside my regular employment. Currently, I work with a courier company. Before that I was working as a screenprinter/signwriter. When I was in West Africa, I was doing the same job. First I took a job in fine arts, and then took an interior-decorating course, which helped me to understand the graphics part of the industry. And then I worked with a company as a screenprinter/signwriter as well before I moved from Ghana. Then I moved from Ghana to Togo, where I established my own business.

When I first came, like I said earlier, I did not understand the system, so sometimes I’d go to my room and cry because I was doing better back home before I came here, as a business owner. When I came here sometimes you’d go around looking for a job and you don’t get a job, and I said, “What’s going on? I would have been better off staying at home than coming here!”

I have two brothers here and I thought, as they say, “The grass always grows greener on the other side of the fence.” So we thought, you know, people living abroad are better off than those of us living back home.

I haven’t been to any country outside of West Africa besides Canada, but from what we’ve been hearing in the news about other countries and whatever, Canada seems to be a very peaceful country, and we don’t meddle into other people’s internal affairs. I call Canada my home now, as I’ve been here for over ten years. I have kind of understood the system. There is always help, all you need to do is ask, and the help is always there for you.