Jia Tsu Thompson

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Citizenship, Immigration, Asian Heritage, Racism/Discrimination, Human Rights & Social Justice, Identity & Heritage, Multiculturalism & Diversity, Adjusting to Life in Canada


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I was born in China in 1934, and went to Taiwan with my family in 1949. After graduation with a BSc. in Horticulture from the National Taiwan University, I took a cargo boat to the United States in 1959 for my MSc. in Plant Breeding at the University of Connecticut. In 1962, I went to Yale for the PhD in Microbial Genetics. It was at Yale that I met my husband Anthony Thompson. We married in 1963 and moved to Swansea Wales where my husband started his career of university professor and I started my life of juggling family and career!

In 1966, we moved to Halifax with two children, where I continued my PhD studies in Biochemistry. We are now retired and live in Vancouver, and are parents for three and grandparents for six.

Professionally, I worked as a teacher, researcher and laboratory DNA scientist. Socially, I represented immigrant women in Canada at the Geneva conference on Migrant Women in 1981. I was the recipient of the Citizenship Citation Award from the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Canada in 1998, Life Time Volunteer Award from Flare Magazine in 1999 and Community Mentor Award from the Big Brothers and Sisters in Nova Scotia in 2008.