Sanchita Chakraborty

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Citizenship, Immigration, Asian Heritage, Racism/Discrimination, Human Rights & Social Justice, Identity & Heritage, Multiculturalism & Diversity, Adjusting to Life in Canada, Refugee Experiences


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As Diversity advocate and Training Officer, I have presented to various primary, secondary and post secondary educational institutions, municipal, federal, and provincial government agencies; and hundreds of local, national and international businesses and NGOs. It's been a great learning experience and journey with facilitation to more than 400 presentations and workshops to over 30000 diversity stakeholders audience worldwide, with a motif that teaches us an openness to the differences, to embrace the diversity, it's our strength NOT weakness, hence Harmony and prosperity for humankind.


Born in Bangladesh and raised in Kolkata, India, in a Bengali Hindu/ Brahmin family, I originally moved to St. John's in 2001 to attend Memorial University. I am currently the Diversity Training Officer with the Association for New Canadians, based in St. John's. Over the past nine years I worked in both my personal and professional lives to integrate the cultures I brought as my backpack from my past and adopting from the present, and celebrate their distinctive qualities. I speak 5 South Asian Languages. In 2004, I opened my own cross-cultural dance company here in Newfoundland, named "Bollywood Jig". Bollywood Jig is breaking new ground with its fusion dance form and diverse complement of dancers from around the world. Through the vision of my dance troupe, we aim to dispel stereotypes and passionately embrace diversity through its choreographic messages.

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