Tony Zhang

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Immigration, Asian Heritage, Identity & Heritage, Adjusting to Life in Canada


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I'm currently an undergraduate student studying in the McMaster Health Sciences program, one of Canada's most selective science programs, with an emphasis on human biology and neuroscience. I'm one of the top 30 students across Canada selected as Loran Scholars, a prestigious scholarship that covers all 4 years of tuition and living costs.

Currently, I'm interested in exploring research in theoretical neuroscience to tackle the problems we face today with brain diseases, and to enhance human-technology interaction through brain-computer interface, a technology that allows prosthetics to be controled directly by the brain using non-invasive sensors.

My past work mainly revolved around education and technology. I've always been an entrepreneurial individual, having founded two businesses in high school and developed one of Canada's largest high school technology conferences. I have worked with numerous NGOs in Beijing, China (my birthplace) doing health promotion work and education for migrant children, a pressing political issue China is experiencing.


Unlike the many peers in my current program, I came to Canada very late, in 2006 when I was 12. I was then put in a completely foreign environment with my mother. At the time, no one spoke our language or came from China in a 5 km radius. It was life-changing, and I faced and overcame countless challenges; the inability to speak English being the least important at the time. I grew out of my extremely introverted shell and became a leader in my community, and won the praise and recommendations of my teachers and peers. In high school, I started the first student-run TV station in the Toronto District School Board and led the student technology conference, Tech Expo. I try to go back to China every year to work with an organization that focusses on migrant health and education.