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Black History/African Heritage, Identity & Heritage, Multiculturalism & Diversity


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Ainka Jess is a Senior Communications Officer at the CBC in Toronto. With over a decade of communications and broadcast television experience, she was recruited to manage the communications and social media strategy for a candidate in the 2011 Ontario Provincial Elections. A woman who wears many hats, Ainka was the first producer at Sun Media to launch and produce the inaugural multicultural segment on Canoe Live. Her love of current affairs and reputation as a social media star led her to work with TEDxToronto in 2012 as Communications Lead. Ainka loves supporting community development initiatives and participated in a Habitat for Humanity onsite build project in 2012.

Ainka has a degree in English from York University and a diploma in Broadcast Television from Seneca College.

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Whenever I travel with my mom and I get the question of where are you from? My mom always jumps in and says “she is a Canadian." I love when she does this because it reminds me that I am a part of her journey that started in the Caribbean and continued in Canada so she could provide her family with a better life and opportunities. I am a proud Canadian with Jamaican roots and admire the diversity, rich culture and strength of both countries.