Vicky Yi Qing Liu

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Asian Heritage, Francophonie, Identity & Heritage, Multiculturalism & Diversity, Adjusting to Life in Canada


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Vicky is a grade eleven student from Fraser Heights Secondary, an active community of youth teeming with diversity, creativity, and ambition. At her school, Vicky leads the Mock Trial club and volunteers as a peer tutor for ESL students, using her mastery of three languages to assist new immigrants in their studies, as well as answer any questions about the Canadian experience.

Vicky identifies herself as a proud Chinese-Canadian and as an avid supporter of Canada’s bilingualism. An accomplished orator for her age, Vicky won third place at the 2013 national “Concours d’art oratoire” French public speaking championship after ranking first in the provincial tournament. She was also the first place winner of iRotary Conference's Four-Way Test Speech Competition. In 2014, Vicky attended Poetry in Voice National Finals as a bilingual reciter.

Vicky currently works part-time as a private music theory teacher. She intends to pursue a career in law after graduation.

[current as of May 2014]


Language – it is defined as a ‘system of linguistic signs or symbols’. To me, it had always been much more than that. Mandarin defined my heritage and ethnic background. English was my sceptre, giving me the confidence I needed as my primary mode of self-expression. French, a newfound passion, helped me realize my love for fluidity and patterns.

There can be no culture without language. There can be no history without oral traditions or written records. Therefore, it is incredibly important for youth to learn and master first, second, and/or third languages. I wish to promote multilingualism among students. Not only is it helpful for vocational purposes, especially in a country like Canada where there are two official tongues, but also because language-learning is a remarkably enriching process.