Angela Scarlett

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Citizenship, Immigration, Black History/African Heritage, Racism/Discrimination, Identity & Heritage, Multiculturalism & Diversity


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I am a "Trudeau baby". My parents emigrated from Jamaica to Canada in the late 60's to better themselves via education, diligent work ethic and perseverance. They held both their nationalities of origin and of choice in high esteem.

I am grateful and happy to be of Jamaican descent and Canadian by birth. I aim to embody the best of each culture and combine them in a way that gives me joy and fulfillment.

I have the Jamaican drive for high achievement in all spheres of life and I have the Canadian proclivity to work to increase compassion and peace in the world.

I love spicy Jamaican food and I have the Canadian sense of humour that does not take self or others too seriously.

I am as comfortable having a discussion in Patois as I am in French.

As a Canadian of Jamaican heritage, at times I am the personification of "fire and ice". :-)

I chose to attain my professional license as a lawyer because of my love of justice and winning the "good fight". Marcus Garvey, Harry Belafonte, Maryanne Chambers and Pierre Trudeau were iconic people whom my family and teachers encouraged me to emulate.

I cultivated this in myself as well. I worked to take the best of what they stood for and bear fruit that represents that.

My professional accomplishments focus on helping the most unique and promising Start-ups, Entrepreneurs and Investors worldwide to immigrate to Canada in order to accelerate their growth. I work with a top tier group of tech savvy legal professionals, finance professionals and relocation specialists. We attract the the most unique and promising Creators and Investors in the industries of technology, clean energy and social impact enterprises.

Our work is intriguing and fun. The most efficient way to connect with us is via Twitter at:

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