Takara Small

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Black History/African Heritage, Racism/Discrimination, Identity & Heritage, Multiculturalism & Diversity


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My name is Takara Small. I am a reporter and editor at Metro News Canada. I often cover news, business, entrepreneurship and startups. In the past, my work has appeared in the Toronto Star, AOL Canada, Huffington Post, CBC and Sway Magazine.

I also act as a mentor at Ryerson University's Digital Media Zone (located in downtown Toronto) and a public speaker where I often talk about entrepreneurship, business and startups.

As a third-generation Canadian, I feel connected to both the Caribbean and Canada, which I feel gives me a unique understanding of how important multiculturalism is in today's society.

Takara is on twitter @takarasmall and also maintains a website of her work at takarasmall.com. In February, 2014, she published an article for Metro News on Canada's history of slavery in an effort to shed light on an issue that she says is largely ignored. Read her piece here.