Mpoe Mogale

Country of Origin:

South Africa


Immigration, Black History/African Heritage, Identity & Heritage


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Mpoe is a second year Political Science international student at the University of Alberta. Her passions include dance, learning new languages, and serving her community in various helpful ways.


Growing up in post-Apartheid South Africa and born into a family of activists, Afrocentric views were instilled in me from conception. I was surrounded by elders who had finally gained their freedom, but were still wounded by the sufferings they had to endure prior to 1994. As a result, I was made to view Westerners as brutish, cruel beings who would inconsiderably take whatever measures necessary to satisfy their pleasures, and whose ways of life were unethical and wrong.

Upon arriving in Canada I discovered how far from true this notion was. The people I encountered were not the ones my elders described and warned me against.

While this holds true, I have also encountered some Canadians who carry the very notion described above, except towards those of African descent. This experience along with the texts I read to understand this, gave rise to my interest in Orientalism and Occidentalism, and my research titled: Mutual Differences.