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Asian Heritage, Human Rights & Social Justice, Identity & Heritage, Multiculturalism & Diversity, Adjusting to Life in Canada


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Raghvendra Bagla is a doctor (MBBS, MD) by profession and pursuing his MBA from Schulich School of Business, York University.

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I moved to Canada on 15th August 2014 with lot of dreams and aspirations which sounded very unpragmatic even to me at that time. After a few days of elation, as if birds started to chirping in in my head “Canada is a difficult place for immigrants” and “Networking not talent is a key to success here”. After all this is what all of us hear all the time as new immigrants. It broke my confidence to a level and I started becoming a part of the crowd looking for survival jobs like fast food joints, ware houses, cleaning. I lost respect for my education i.e. MBBS, MD, MBA (candidate 2016). It felt suicidal to look for such jobs, being a doctor. I still call that time that I spent in my grave. I didn’t have anything to look forward to. Either I didn’t get any interview calls or I flunked them as nobody wanted a dead man with a degree in their team.

This was the time when I had the insight what I was going through. I knew what I needed to do but didn’t have the energy to move, to act. One day being a couch potato sitting on my sofa, some beautiful lines crossed my mind, may be god sent, those were: "In the moment of despair, successful people do what unsuccessful people don’t do because they don’t feel like.” I didn’t let that thought fade away, pushed the “go” button of tread mill, and decided that I will not leave that tread mill unless I am thoughtless and drained of every single negative thought!! That gave me another thought!! I just picked my laptop and start applying for jobs, sending LinkedIn invites and decided that I will not budge unless someone replies!! Nobody replied!! And I slept on the laptop and keep on repeating without thinking. At least I was comfortable being out of the grave!! I met 3 people in a week. It felt as if I am running a marathon!!

I still think sometimes what If had I let that thought pass? It again reinforced on me that “what you get and how you live depends on what you do!!” I am feeling too motivated to not quote the lines from “Pursuit of Happiness” which is” You got a dream... You gotta protect it. People can't do somethin' themselves, they wanna tell you you can't do it. If you want somethin', go get it.”

To conclude I would like to share a simple exercise. The best way to know how productive one was during the day is to write in a Journal of what you have actually done during the day that passed. Believe me it makes oneself so much accountable that negative thoughts never find a place in your day or in your mind…you will be too busy building life and answering yourself each day!!