Zdravko Cimbaljevic

Country of Origin:


Immigration, Human Rights & Social Justice, Adjusting to Life in Canada, Refugee Experiences


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- International and Montenegrin LGBTIQ* activist.

- Director of Development and External Relations at AIDS Vancover

- Board Member at Rainbow Refigee Comittee

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zdravkomne

Twitter: Zdravkocimbalj

Instagram: zdravkomneofficial


I arrived in Canada in September 2013 and became a Convention Refugee in November same year. Due to violence and death threats I received in my own country as an activist and first openly out gay men in the country I needed to move out and seek protection.

Being previously honored as International Grand Marshal at the Vancouver Pride I had a place to go when my life was in jeopardy.

Now I am very active within LGBIQ* communities as an activist supporting those who still need help. As a Board Member of Rainbow Refugee I am able to directly help those who are in danger just because of who they are.

I also work for AIDS Vancouver. Organization that focuses on services helping those who live with HIV and AIDS and their families.