James T Cooper

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Citizenship, Citizenship, Identity & Heritage


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I have fond memories of my childhood, going fishing with my father when we lived in Calgary, AB. We would get up at sunrise and drive out to Bear’s Paw Dam. My father taught me how to tie hooks to the line and swat flies for bait. He would go off and cast for the big brown trout off the pier. I came up with a short cut to catch fish the easy way. I simply attached a 3 prong hook to a fishing line with sinker and propped the line into the water below the bank where the fish swam by. I merely snagged the fish when they passed and had half a dozen in a short time. I told my daughter the story of snagging a fish by the tail many years later. She had a tattoo of fish tail with a hook on her back. She thought she had the idea and forgot that I told her the story when she was a child.