Lei (Mark) Shi

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Asian Heritage, Asian Heritage, Adjusting to Life in Canada


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Mark Shi is from Beijing, China. He immigrated to Canada in July 2015. He was a local government employee in China.


My name is Mark Shi, this is the name I adopted just after I came to Canada, I made up this this English name. I came from China just two months ago (July 2015), I am an immigrant here in search of a new life.

One of the problems with immigration is the timing. In most cases couples have to separate for a while before they can be together in the same country again. My wife and I have said goodbye at the airport 3 times in the last 2 months only. And we do it at the same location, the bear statute at the entrance of the security checkpoint in the airport. We hug, kiss and cry every time. The “bear” has been a witness to our goodbyes all three times.