Lixing (Livia) Hu

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Asian Heritage, Asian Heritage


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This is my older sister’s book. Today I want to talk about my sister’s story. Before my sister was a newspaper reporter. She gave up her good job to concentrate on writing a book. She prepared for ten years because she wrote about a prime minister (in feudal China) chancellors (Bing Zhang Luo) story. She went around all Bing Zhang officer’s places and libraries. She fixed many stories circulating about him in all the wrong places. My sister designed her book with Photoshop, all the pictures in the book were chosen by her daughter. Now her daughter is a graduate student learning painting in Italy. My sister sent her book to me to check and proofread when I came to Canada two years ago. I shared my opinion and found some mistakes. My sister really loves traditional Chinese culture. She spent a lot of time to study Chinese history. She hoped that more Chinese people can learn about the cultural heritage of China. Now she interviews villages, takes their photos and writes the history of their villages every day. Her work will be saved as a region historical archive. She will publish two thirds of her book this year. I am proud of her.