Pui I (Bonnie) Vong

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Asian Heritage, Asian Heritage, Adjusting to Life in Canada


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My name is Bonnie. I came from Macau in 2012. I have two sons and we live in Vancouver. I had a difficult time after when I first arrived in Canada, because my English was not very good. I didn’t know how to communicate with everyone. I felt very stressed and sad about this. But after a while, I told myself that I must be independent, because I needed to take care of my sons. I decided to live in Canada because I wanted my sons to have a good education. My oldest son was fifteen and my youngest was 8 months old when we arrived in 2012. And because my husband couldn’t live with us as he was still living in Macau, I had to be strong for our children. I also thought my sons to learn to be independent as this will help us overcome a lot of our difficulties. Nowadays I feel very happy and I’m proud of my son Kelvin. He is attending SFU and he has had a part time job for two years now. I feel happy and grateful. In my life, my family is very important to me. I was born in Macau and had a very happy family life the four of us. But I had to make a painful decision and subsequent experience in 2012 because I needed to take care of my sons and move to Canada. My husband experienced a lot of loneliness as he had lost three of the most important relatives to him. When we arrived in Canada, I lived in my friend’s home with my two sons. My husband could sense that I was stressed and unhappy whenever he communicated with me. He asked me “if you are unhappy do you want to come back to Macau with my sons?” I told him “No. I won’t give up”. I made the decision to live in Canada and although after arrival I faced a lot of difficulties, but I had to overcome them all. So we continued to encourage each other. Slowly, my husband was also learning how to be independent. He sent me a thank you card in 2014. I felt very happy and proud of myself. This is one of the most important parts of my life.