Li hao (Emily) Yang

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Asian Heritage, Asian Heritage, Adjusting to Life in Canada


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My name is Emily. I am from Guang Zhou, China. I’ve been in Canada for 4 years, and live here with my husband and my children. Before I came to Canada, I had my own business. It was a furniture store. Every day I met with different customers, I had a great rapport with them. I am an independent woman and work hard. I was always honest and friendly with my customers. I really enjoyed my job. Now I live in Canada, I feel very happy because I stopped working or doing any job at the moment. I am a housewife now and a student. On Monday to Friday mornings, I study English at Collingwood Neighborhood House. With my teachers and classmates we study English and it is so much fun. In my free time, I usually go to the community centre playing badminton and walking in the park with my husband. In the summer my family always plans a vacation to another place. Last summer my family went on a trip to Las Vegas. Sometimes we go to the park for a BBQ or head to the mountains. My family enjoys living in Canada. I feel a lot better than before. When my family first arrived in Canada it was very cold and it was raining. The sky was dark and my family was sleeping all day because of being tired. I face a lot of difficulties because my English was not very good. But now because I am a LINC 4 student, I can communicate with everyone.