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Family photo, my father in the Second World War. It is a picture of my dad when he was in the Second World War, and he’s in full uniform, very young and all of that, a picture that I was so curious about ever since I was a child, never heard the story though until just before he died.

It’s about wearing your truth, and being strong and who you are and what you are called to do, and not the colour of your skin, but what you are called to do by the creator. And he always reminded me that, he said that when he was coming off the Dieppe beach and all the bullets were coming towards him, and people dying beside him, he had to run towards the bullets to survive and to fight for the freedom. And so just that one little story, the picture always reminds me of the story because today’s bullets are racism, the uneducated, people stuck in their own little worlds, or their wounds and walking around inflicting these bullets all over, so I got to remember to just keep on going, to do goodness.

it’s really about living in a country that makes you feel like you are a citizen of that country. The system is not there to depend on; it is there to work with them for the betterment of the people and not for self and greed.

I am a real fighter, I am very stern, I don’t put up with crazy stuff, I am really like, “no that’s in the past and that’s all there is to it, this is the way it is” and we need to keep on moving in order to survive. We can’t get stuck; we can’t allow our fears to stop us from going forward, that there is hope beyond those bullets or fears and racism and stuff. I am a real diverse person, I live in diversity. I am married to a man from the United States so it is a daily way of life for me. But I work in this building, and this building is going to be so beautiful in diversity, all different background of people. That’s what he would have really, really appreciated, that’s how we should live, that is real freedom, living together as one.