Susan Nateras

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Adjusting to Life in Canada


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it’s my pendant here, it was given to me by my Polish-Canadian boyfriend. He went to Thailand and brought this sapphire, so he asked his friend (he’s from Chile), to make this pendant. It’s the throat chakra, so I always have it with me, it’s also made of silver and the silver came from Mexico.

It has a really cool design, has a sapphire at the top, and has the symbol of the throat chakra; it comes with the petals of the throat chakra in silver and just the colour blue that connects with the energy of the chakra.

Every time when I have a, how can I say, for example, my last time I had a job interview, it was on the phone, and I didn’t have the chance to actually express myself, face to face right, so it was a very important interview, so I was wearing my throat chakra charm, and that opened up my throat and it was very fluid, and I was able to speak. So it always helps me with things or situations where I feel afraid of talking with people and yeah, it helps me with public speaking, or have interviews on the phone. Also I was working as a collector for a company, and I don’t know why, but every time when I was wearing it, I would convince the people to pay me, instead of having a little bit of a discussion, they would be so happy to hear my voice. So it is an interesting charm.

I would like to share my experience because I know that every single immigrant that I have met has a different perspective of when they came to Canada. Mine has been quite interesting because I came here with only 50 bucks in my pocket and I had to make my way, Always I think that what helped me was adapting to every single situation, like, “okay I don’t know how to do this,” I don’t speak well English, but I found my way through. So I think it can be inspiring for people, I think it can be quite challenging, I mean it is, but it depends on your perspective. So there is always a good way to be positive about it because there’s always going to be roadblocks.