Yu-Ye Annie Xu

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Adjusting to Life in Canada


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My full name is Annie Xu. I’m from China.

I brought a family photo today. There are four people in it: My father, my mother, my son and me.

To most immigrants, homesickness is the most common and the deepest emotion when they begin their new life in a new country, so they will carry some special stuff with them to decrease this kind of emotion and get comfort. To me, it’s a family photo. This picture was taken 2 years ago before my family immigrated to Canada. There are four people in the picture, my father, my mother, my son and I. Looking at this photo brings me back to the moment when I was in China. It was the summer of 2013. My husband went to work. My son and I visited my parents. After a delicious lunch, my parents suggested to take a photo with my son and I because my family would leave China in a few days.

They said they would miss us very much. They wanted to have a special picture, so they could often look at it just like we were always there with them. To my family, it’s the same way. My nephew helped taking the photo. My mother made two copies. One of them was kept by my parents in China. The other one was possessed by my family in Canada. During the first two years of living in Canada, I often took out the picture and gazed at it when I was homesick. The familiar faces and brilliant smiles made me feel comfortable and un-lonely.

This photo is precious and unique to me whenever. It loads my memory day and day. I’ll cherish it in the rest of my life.