Adriana Rao Murad

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Adjusting to Life in Canada


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My name is Adriana Roa-Murad. I am from Colombia, from the capital city Bogota. In Regina we are here 3 years, but we started in Manitoba, in Steinberg, Manitoba. So we are here a total of 8 years.

I finished my veterinary medicine studies in Colombia in 2000. Then, I was focused on my work. Furthermore, I never thought about marriage or having a family yet, until I met my husband who after a year and half or relationship, made me change my mind. We got married in 2003 and both as veterinarians enjoyed together sharing our common interest of working in the veterinary pharmaceutical field. After three years of marriage, the affirmation came from my husband “I want kids!” I was in shock. Because having babies is a big responsibility and life changing. The first thing that came to my mind was Canada! Because I’ve heard from people and I’ve read about the importance of kids in this beautiful country. Thinking about babies and having them is a serious decision to make, especially when my profession and animals were my passion and priority. Scary but exciting situation. Also, it is a challenge leaving behind our country, family, friends, pets, and running after a new dream. After we made some research, and finding information about living in Canada, education, job opportunities, and the most important future of kids, we took the decision that changed our lives… going to Canada

My husband applied for a job in Canada in order to work in a hog farm and after eight months of paperwork and interviews, we obtained work permit visa and came in 2007 (July). We were excited also anxious about the new challenge to come. I found a job in a factory and both were working hard making a living. We were ready to start a family…. But it wasn’t so easy. Several appointments with specialist, medication, surgeries, stress, two miscarriages, all of this we had to go through. Also counselling to deal with this sadness and sorrow because you never are prepared for a situation like that. However, we didn’t give up.

Finally after 4 years of waiting, I got pregnant and after 42 weeks and half we were blessed with our beautiful Gabriela. Her name means “God is my strength”. Our pretty Gabriella came to make us happy and full of joy.

In conclusion, we never doubt at all that Canada is a nice place to live in, offering stable and good quality life for families. In the picture, is my family. Also, I have to thank so many Canadian people who helped us to make our dream come true. Such as doctors, nurses, people who prayed for us and our healthy and miracle baby Gabriella. Now Gabriella is enjoying her country that is so proud of. Furthermore, for sure we know that she will be an exemplary citizen with a prominent future.