Celine Pelletier

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Human Rights & Social Justice, Aboriginal Issues, Racism/Discrimination, Racism/Discrimination, Aboriginal Issues, Human Rights & Social Justice


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Celine shares her story about being an indigenous youth.


My grandparents used to live down the street from us. A lot of my family, we lived in a horrible area, actually. We lived in north central Winnipeg, but we all lived very close. I remember days skipping school; even in elementary I would just go to my grandparents’ and hang out there. You could always tell when my mother was coming because my grandpa would always shoo me under his bed because he slept on the main floor. I would hide under there and literally watch my mom’s feet walk by into the kitchen, saying, “Where is my daughter?” going up the stairs trying to find me. I don’t remember her ever finding me. I didn’t do it a whole lot.