Stephanie Houle

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Human Rights & Social Justice, Aboriginal Issues, Racism/Discrimination, Racism/Discrimination, Aboriginal Issues, Human Rights & Social Justice


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Stephanie talks about her Indigenous heritage.


I have four brothers on my mom’s side and they’re the only ones I’m close with. They always push me to do good [things] in life.

I like to identify as a First Nations person. I’m Salteaux and in our culture we do sweats and rain dances and all that. In the sweats for Salteaux [people], women are not allowed in the sweats, they’re just allowed to work around them. I heard it’s different for Cree [people], anyways, too. I don’t know, we are just very close, I guess.

I’ve tried to grow up as best I can around [our traditions], but I grew up in a different environment most of my life. I kept going back and forth. I was in a foster home, so I was going back and forth.

When we were younger [my brothers and I] would explore, as we would call it. My older brother would always take us out on these little adventures, as he’d call them, and he’d take us far, too. On the reserve we’d go far into the bushes and act like we were explorers and go make tree houses all over and forts. It was fun. My brother was pretty much our leader that took us everywhere, but he always made sure we were safe.