Michael J Shepard

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Human Rights & Social Justice, Citizenship, Aboriginal Issues, Racism/Discrimination, Citizenship, Racism/Discrimination, Aboriginal Issues, Human Rights & Social Justice, Identity & Heritage


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Michael's shares his experience being an indigenous youth in Canada


[My name is] Michael James Shepherd.

Our heritage is like any other heritage, no better than the other; we all have ways of healing in our own way and I think our heritage is beautiful and misjudged. There are a lot of rumours that put everyone in awkward positions.

One day if I die, the next generation will teach our heritage or show something about our heritage. Our heritage can’t die; it’s here to stay.

My community is misjudged too; there are a lot of great families, great people that are trying to strive for goodness, overcome the economy evilness, everyone just trying to make a living. And I’m glad that more of my community members are getting educated and that’s a huge blessing in just a short time.

I see more of my brothers and sisters getting out of the court system, the addiction; whatever troubles they have they’re overcoming and they’re coming to education, to help people. It shows that they do have a choice in doing good or bad.