Maha Munaf

Country of Origin:

United Arab Emirates


Adjusting to Life in Canada


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Toronto Newcomer Story


My name is Maha Munaf. I am half Iraqi half Syrian, and I was born and raised in the UAE. I’ve been in Toronto for 2.5 years now. When I first moved to Toronto it was very difficult because Toronto is a huge city it was overwhelming. And compared to where I came from the weather here was extreme. And I had to endure the ice storm, the power outage, being away from family. Luckily I was with my sister so that made things a lot easier. It was really difficult at the beginning but I started warming up to the city much faster than I thought I would. Toronto has a lot to offer and I think that’s one of the things I love about the city. Opening a new chapter coming to Canada, I seized this opportunity to start a new chapter in my life as well. I worked as an architect for 10 years as well as a photographer. But I decided to become a fulltime photographer here. So the Art Scene and photography scene in Toronto is amazing and it’s the best place to be right now. To date I’ve had three photography shows, two of which are part of contact photographer festival here in Toronto, which is the biggest in North America. I’ve also been a TELUS newcomer artist finalist which is a great milestone for me. I think it’s overwhelming to be here because you’ve left everything behind – life as you know it, and you’re starting over. But there’s a lot that Toronto can offer you and am really excited about this new life and all the opportunities that is has.