Thura Aljubury

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Immigration, Racism/Discrimination, Identity & Heritage, Multiculturalism & Diversity, Adjusting to Life in Canada


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Thura is a professor at Seneca College and a permanent instructor at Peel District School Board. She has been teaching English as a Second/ Foreign Language for about 15 years in Canada and internationally. Thura holds a B.Sc Degree in Engineering and is currently a graduate student at the University of Tronto studying Adult Education and Community Development. Thura is a TESL Ontario/ Canada certified instructor and is a certified tutor. Thura is also a Translator Candidate for Certification and will write the ATIO certification exam in 2017. Thura speaks Arabic and English and understands Polish.

Thura has been a speaker at many National, provincial, and international ELT conferences. She volunteers as a mentor with The Mentoring Partnership Program and is a TESL Toronto board member.


I came to Canada summer 2014. I applied as a Federal skilled worker, and surprisingly, it took me only six months from the date of application to arrive in Canada! Before coming to Canada, I lived in Libya for about 15 years, and before that, I was accompanying my family and lived in many countries. This has helped me understand and conceptualise different cultures and learn different languages, yet it taught me to be tough and hard. I was born in Iraq, but I lived there for only a couple of years. I do not think I ever had an easy life, as I had to overcome many challenges and obstacles. For example, I experienced discriminatory actions in some places I lived, and it took me a while to adapt to the culture and get people to know me and trust me well. I also suffered from exclusion in some places where I worked because I was always viewed as a foreigner and had no right to work or study. I also experienced difficulty in getting society to respect me as an independent woman, as women would be viewed as inferiors. When I came to Canada, I had a list full of tasks. First, I wanted my voice to be heard and to prove that I am an active part that would contribute positively to the community. Then, I started my licencing journey as a teacher, which was very challenging to me as a new immigrant. In less than a year, I graduated and got certified to teach ESL in Ontario and Canada. During my studies, I got a position at the college and started from there. I got my first full-time job in 2015, a year after I arrived, I worked as a University Bridge Program Instructor. Early 2016, I got a position at PDSB as a teacher trainer and a LINC/ ESL Instructor, and in the summer I worked at different places such as York School Board before I got a permanent position eventually at PDSB and an Academic English Professor at Seneca College. Throughout this time, I spoke at many events regarding teaching methodology and employment, and now I am in my first year as a graduate student at the University of Toronto, where I study about community development as I believe that the Canadian community is always evolving, developing, and changing.

I believe that everyone could simply achieve your goals by working hard and being determined! And I am glad to be sharing my experiences and challenges with everyone at Passages Canada.