Ruth Mojeed

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Immigration, Black History/African Heritage, Identity & Heritage, Adjusting to Life in Canada


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Ruth Mojeed is a motivated and resourceful person who enjoys working on community-based projects- she is always looking for opportunities to contribute to her community.

She grew up in Lagos, Nigeria and relocated to Vancouver Island, B.C., and has since fallen in love with the beautiful city of Victoria. She holds a Bachelor’s in Mass Communication from Covenant University, Nigeria, and is currently enrolled in the Master’s in Intercultural & International Communication program at Royal Roads University, B.C., Canada. She is also currently enrolled in a Leadership & Change Management program at the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government.

She has over five years’ experience in Communication, Administration and Project Management, working with various non-profit and corporate organizations. Most recently, she worked as the Sponsorship & Volunteer Coordinator with the Victoria Immigrant & Refugee Centre on a fundraiser to support Syrian refugees. The event, which was hosted by Nelly Furtado, raised considerable financial support for Syrian refugees on Vancouver Island. She currently works with the Victoria Foundation, specializing in Communication, Corporate Events & Project Management. She is well connected with members of the community, and supports various causes that promote unity and community engagement.

She is also an entrepreneur who enjoys to cook, design and write in her spare time.


I moved to Canada about a year ago for my Master's in International Communication at Royal Roads University. My first thoughts about Canada when I moved here was: "These people are nice!". I'd read before moving here that Canadians are generally nice people but my firsthand experience was still a bit surprising. I was surprised at how nice the bus drivers are; how strangers would always smile and say "hello" on the streets. It was definitely a huge difference from what I was used to back home, and in most of the other countries I've been. I remember asking some of my friends in other parts of Canada if they had the same experience, and of course it was a "Yes!"

The other thing struck me about Victoria specifically is the beautiful environment....there's just such peace and calmness around. When I go to the beach, go mountain-climbing, hiking or walking in the woods, it just feels like nature found its home in this city. Royal Roads University has one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen and the castle is definitely breath-taking. These are some of my favourite things about Victoria and Canada as a whole.

Another thing I particularly love about this society is the multi-cultural nature of program, for instance, had people from 12 nationalities, with only 1 Canadian- the rest of us were from Nigeria, China, Jordan, India, Senegal, France, Brazil, USA, Korea, Vietnam, Japan and some other countries. Learning with people from these different cultural backgrounds gave me a rounded classroom experience- beyond the theories, I got firsthand knowledge about the different cultural contexts of my colleagues and it gave me a better view of the world.

Since leaving school about a month ago, I have been working with the Victoria Foundation- a community foundation that supports other charities and individuals through funds, grants and organizing community-based events. I am currently working on a project called "Random Act of Kindness Day", and it is basically a day to promote love among members of the community by simply doing a kind act for someone, and encouraging them to pay it forward. I also worked with the Victoria Immigrant & Refugee Centre for about 6 months on a Nelly Furtado fundraiser for Syrian refugees. I was the Fundraiser & Volunteer Coordinator for the event, and the concert raised considerable support for Syrian refugees. I also started my own beauty studio while in school to meet the increasing demand for hairstylists & beauticians in Victoria. I have over 5 years experience working with non-profit organizations, and I am looking to build a thriving career in Communication and Management of non-profit organizations.

The most challenging part of being a student, starting an entrepreneurial venture and working on various projects is time management- being able to get the best results in the least possible time. I am still learning how to do that as well as working with people from different backgrounds.